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February 25, 2019










Hey loves, I hope everyone is doing great on this glorious day!  Today I am forgetting about the snowy weather that is acting as though it will never go away, and throwing it back to my most favorite day at Crystal Cove I've ever spent.  It is a beautiful thing how no matter the number of times you go somewhere or see something, every time there is a different perspective of it to be seen.  

Crystal Cove is by far my favorite collection of trails along the beach, for reasons I'm sure you can understand by looking at the photos!  I just love this state so much and how there is beauty in every possible thing.  During the time that I was there it was high tide, so that led to walking the majority of the time along the cliffside overlooking the ocean.  There came a time where the trail ended and there was the cutest little lookout point.  I couldn't help but stop for some pictures!  


 I don't just love California for the beauty or the hype, I love it for how it makes me feel.  This trip has shown me how location plays on my mood and attitude greatly, and I would say that it is definitely for the better.  I can more easily find joy in the smallest things of life, and never drop the smile from my face.  California has fought for my heart and won it over fully. I am counting down the seconds until my return and to feel the surge of happiness that will come with it.  I love you all and will be back with many more posts of my time in California very soon!

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