January mood

January 18, 2019


Happy Friday babes!  As I'm sure all of you experience this as well, I find my mood and motivation fluctuates depending on the month or time of year.  For instance, January can be a very motivational month with the new year, while during February you are in a winter slump and unmotivated.  I have found that my mindset going into each month greatly influences my productivity and attitude throughout the days of that four week period.  

With that said I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, and came upon an idea that excited me greatly.  I was so happy to think of an idea that was original to myself that I can use to represent my brand.  Even though every blog and blogger is different, I find that they all have a comforting yet monotonous similarity.  My hope for this blog is that it does not fall into that category.  Now, I'm sure you're wondering thoughts have all provoked the question, 'What is the amazing idea?'  I have come upon the idea to put together a mood board for each month to add a little motivation and promote goal planning.  Personally, I am a visual person, so just seeing something, for me, can lead to great inspiration to plan and do big things.  Even such a small act of simply writing a goal down increases your chance of achieving it by a great deal.

So my hope for you guys in this new month and new year, is that you write down at least one goal and put it in a spot that you will be able to see every day.  I know it sounds silly, but believe me, when you find yourself achieving that goal you wrote to yourself in the mirror, you will be greatly surprised at how such a small act of simply writing it down has encouraged you to achieve it.  Now go write down your goals and I'll catch you in the next one!  Make this month great!


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