January 10, 2019


Hello loves!  I wish you all an amazing new year.  The start of the year has been a crazy one for me so far, as I was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as the clock struck midnight on January first of 2019.  Surprisingly enough, the picture above was the only one I managed to capture of myself, and it was actually taken on the first of the new year!  This was photographed as the ship was sailing out of the port in Jamaica.  There I am in all of my post waterfall climb and hour long shower, pale me, glory.  This was an amazing experience that I am so blessed to have been able to enjoy.


Anyways, I have been laying in bed tonight unable to fall asleep for many reasons.  I find it hard to fall asleep at night when my brain is always moving ten million miles an hour as opposed to the normal speed that we are actually able to live our lives.  On top of it all, the start of school this past week has increased that racing speed by a billion.  I just have so many expectations or plans for my life that laying in bed feels so counterproductive I just can't help but become frustrated or stressed out.  This recurring cycle inevitably leads to me writing some scatterbrained blog post that rarely ever actually makes it onto the site.  However, tonight was different for me.  Tonight I thought, 'what if I actually open my laptop and manifest my destiny?  Ensure that I am able to life the life I have envisioned for myself?'  Let me tell you, it for sure isn't going to be easy, but I am a firm believer in manifesting your destiny.  If you want something, you can have it, however, your work towards receiving it will determine if you actually reach it in the end.  So that is what I'm doing.  I am setting a goal for myself with no boundaries.  For once in my life I am going to do something without having a plan, yet an idea of an end goal.  Because that's what life is all about, the result.


Goodnight and I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, because you and only you can make that happen!


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