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November 17, 2017





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   Welcome to the Leah Lynn blog!!  As you may not know already I'm Leah, and can I just say I am so excited to start this journey!  I have been thinking all day at school about how the heck I want to start off this introduction, but now that I'm sitting down in front of the computer this all seems so natural.  This has been my dream for so long, and I can't believe I'm actually doing it.  I already said this on the about me page and these facts, but fashion is one of my most favorite things.  Because it is one of my favorite things, that's what I'll be doing over here mostly, but I'd also like to throw in some lifestyle posts here and there!  Feel free to let me know in the comments what you would like to see.  Before I ramble on too long, here are 12 random facts about me!


1.  I'll start of with a basic, my favorite color is light pink!


2. My favorite number is 12, kind of where I got the whole 12 facts thing, haha.


3. I'm kind of obsessed with Grey's Anatomy.  No matter how many other shows I watch I always find myself coming back to good ole Grey's.  I am currently on season ten...for the third time, and am also watching season 14 on regular television. It's a problem guys.


4. My favorite flower is a Peony.  I discovered them from a blogger named Rachel Parcell who's blog is called Pink Peonies.  I just think that they're so delicate and cute!


5. Along with my Grey's addiction I also have a very big struggle with online shopping, or just shopping in general for that matter.  My mom says I get it from my Grandma Sassy, so I guess good genes run in the family. ;)  Fashion is one of my biggest passions, and that's one of the reasons I am so excited to start this blog!


6. I have seen and read many blogs, but my top three favorite bloggers, in no specific order, are: Cara Loren, Rachel Parcell, and Amber Fillerup Clark.  Even though I have never met any of them I feel like I know them all personally, and that's what I love about blogging.  The fact that you could be miles apart from someone, but still feel like your sitting right next to each other.  


7. I'm a dreamer.  I always daze off in class just thinking about how I want my life to be, and making plans in my head.  I haven't figured out if that's necessarily a good or a bad thing yet, but I'm working on it. 


8. With being a dreamer comes the consequence of having random messy thoughts, so along with that I am also a HUGE planner!  Every night before bed I write in expo on my mirror a to-do list of everything I need to get done when I get home from school the next day.  I feel really accomplished when I check off those last couple boxes.  You should try it sometime!


9. My favorite holiday without a doubt is Christmas.  I love the spirit that everyone is in when coming together to celebrate the birth Jesus.  Also, I tend to be a genuinely happy person, and I feel that this holiday in particular makes everybody else more happy. Therefore, making me happy that everyone else is happy! (I'm super cheesy I know!)


10. I have a YouTube channel and occasionally post videos on there.  When jumping into the social media world that is where I chose to start out, but more and more as I did it I realized that it wasn't clicking with me or didn't feel as natural as me writing this blog does.  


11. I am known as the baker/crafter in my family, and with basically all of my friends too.  Every holiday at our family get togethers I always make a dessert to go along with that holiday, and I love it!  With that I can say that Pinterest is my best friend.  There's a link at the bottom of the page if you want to go check my page out!


12. Last but not least, fact number 12.  I saved the best for last, Taylor Swift is my favorite artist, if not human being on the planet.  I had a countdown to the pre-orders, followed by the album release (which included me staying up until midnight).  Now that her new album is out I have it on repeat everyday.  I feel as though I have grown up with her, and her transitions in music styles.  No matter what, there's no song she could write that I wouldn't like.


     Well y'all if you actually made it to the end I am seriously impressed.  Most blog posts I read are straight to the point, but I wanted to take my time on this first one so you know more about me and my personality. Please comment any suggestions or ideas you have in the section below!  After reading this post feel free to stay awhile and look around.  I love you guys and thanks so much for following!!



                                                                                                                   Leah Lynn


One last thing!  I want to say thanks to my photographer Liv for shooting these amazing pictures!



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